In Imperfecto restaurant you can find cuisine of Greek, Morocco, Turkey, Italian, French and of course authentic Spanish cuisine. We have also Indian cuisine and something unique in this country: a fusion of the best Mediterranean and Indian cuisine.

We offer a variety of all these cuisines where we use the best brands in our ingredients with 80% of imported ingredients.

OUR SECRET WEAPON: Chef Nuria Rodriguez Parra (SPAIN, 1980)

Chef NuriaA professional chef for more than 17 years, she has been working in several restaurants and hotels in Madrid (Spain) whose style of cooking have taught her a lot.

She was born in 1980 in a small town in Castilla-La Mancha, the land of Don Quixote, in central Spain, where she remained until age 20. The passion for cooking comes since she was very young, from her grandmother.
After finish her studies, she went to work in the capital of Spain (Madrid), where she lived for 12 years, always working as a chef, which councilor with a Master in Spanish cuisine based on new culinary techniques and molecular gastronomy.
After a first brief but intense experience in Sierra Leone, she moved to India in 2011, where she has been working first as a teacher of Spanish cuisine at the Spanish Cultural Center Cervantes Institute by embassy Spain.
She is the Director of all projects in Imperfecto Restaurants, Interior designer and master chef in our kitchen.

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